How To Get Rid Of Your Old Sofa?

How To Get Rid Of Your Old Sofa?

Bulky items such as sofas and armchairs can be a challenge to get rid of especially if you don’t own a large enough vehicle such as a van that would fit one. Luckily there are many alternative means to getting rid of your sofa than just taking it to the local tip, some are more cost-effective than others, and some are more environmentally friendly than others, it is your choice entirely what route you prefer, and we have outlined the various options below. 


The most cost effective and environmentally friendly solution is donation/upcycling, or reselling. There are, however conditions to this option such as making sure your sofa still has a fire label on it, and is still in a reusable, good condition. If your sofa does not have a fire label, charities such as the British Heart Foundation will not be able to take the sofa away. Sometimes charities will also ask for a photo of the sofa to ensure that the item is in good enough condition to be reused and donated. However, keep in mind that if the sofa is no longer good enough for you, it probably isn’t going to be good enough for anyone else. At the current time during the Covid-19 pandemic, unfortunately donation schemes and deliveries have stopped temporarily meaning that this option is likely to be unavailable for quite some time, especially with the backlog of donations building up. Another option besides charities is posting your sofa on a public marketplace to either resell it or donate – however, this does not always work, especially when most people do not own a big enough vehicle to pick it up themselves, unless you can offer a delivery service yourself. In addition, some people may want to see the sofa first for themselves, meaning they would have to enter your home, which once again with the current pandemic is not possible. 

Council Bulky Waste Collection

Bulky waste collections are becoming increasingly popular, but this demand unfortunately put a strain on the service causing a backlog, meaning that getting rid of your sofa may sometimes take a few weeks to months. This service is also not free and you will have to pay a fee per item being collected. The best way to check how much your local council charges is to go on the website and find the service by entering your area. This option also does not guarantee that your sofa will not end up in landfill, while most councils try to recycle as much as they can, this sometimes isn’t possible. 

Private Waste Management Company 

While this service comes at a cost, it may be the best solution if none of the above are an option e.g. your sofa is not in a good condition to be donated or resold, and you cannot wait so long for the council to come and pick it up, and both above options have been disrupted by the current pandemic. When choosing a company it is important to chose wisely, some waste management companies will try to donate the sofa for you, however this will still cost you, others may be able to recycle it to avoid it going into landfill. It is also important to make sure that the company of your choice can provide a waste carriers license and issues you a waste transfer note once the collection has been completed. There is an increasing number of rogue traders that will take away your sofa for a very nice price, however this may end up fly-tipped, and if the sofa can be traced back to you, you will have to pay a fine, which in turn will make this service most expensive and stressful. Overall if you find a reputable company, it is a quick and efficient way of getting rid of your sofa, as most offer a great timely sofa collection services either next day or even same day. Sofa collection services vary in price from company to company so it is good to shop around and see what best suits your budget and timing. 

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